Enabling the safe and responsible exploitation of shale gas through remote condition monitoring of valves


There is considerable economic and environment benefits for the UK from shale gas but this is critically dependant on its safe and responsible exploitation. There are many complex factors to be considered, however, there is the opportunity to adapt sensor and wireless communication technology to allow for the remote condition monitoring of wellheads. This will ensure that the site operator will be immediately alerted to any leaking of gas. Anomalous vibration indicative of seismic events will similarly be identified. SCT a leading specialist in applying this technology and intends, with their partner, Severn Unival a world leading specialist in valves for the Oil & Gas industry, to create a "smart valve" which will provide both the sensing and wireless communication platform for the safe and responsible operation of shale gas wellheads. Furthermore, this will allow the regulator to ensure compliance and make available to the public key performance data thus addressing many of the current concerns.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Smart Component Technologies Limited, Huddersfield, United Kingdom £71,622 £ 53,717


Severn Unival Limited, GLOUCESTER £56,765 £ 36,897


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