COSMOS (COmplementary Semiconductor using thin-film Metal-Oxide Systems)


Flexible electronics is a key enabler for embedded systems to deliver the Internet-of-Things, where sensors and

actuators embedded in physical objects are connected to the Internet. Objects which can both sense their

environment and communicate, provide important new data which can be used to respond, e.g. to protect

temperature-sensitive goods, report a fault, track goods through supply-chain. One of the key enabling factors

for the IoT is the convergence of emerging electronics (flexible, low-cost and simple) with conventional

electronics (complex, rigid and expensive). In order to maximise the opportunity for flexible ICs, it is necessary

to develop CMOS circuits, which use both n-type and p-type semiconductors. This project will investigate the

feasibility of integrating a p-type oxide material into an existing NMOS process, in order to produce CMOS

circuits and the viability of manufacturing scale-up.roject Summary

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Pragmatic Semiconductor Limited, SEDGEFIELD STOCKTON-ON-TEES £67,635 £ 47,345


University of Bath, Bath £44,918 £ 44,918
Arm Limited, CAMBRIDGESHIRE £37,242 £ 18,621


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