Advanced Inverted Brayton Cycle exhaust heat recovery with Steam Generation

Lead Participant: Hieta Technologies Ltd


The project builds on the technology development work being carried out in Innovate UK iBranch project, and

will assess the technical feasibility of an Additive Manufactured complex multi-fluid multi-phase heat exchanger

for use within an Inverted Brayton waste heat recovery system. The system converts waste exhaust energy

from an internal combustion engine into useable power, either electrical or shaft. The heat exchanger aims to

significantly increase the energy harvest potential of the system using phase change and multiple coolant loops

to optimise the thermal management, and is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 10%. The partners are HiETA

Technologies Ltd, the University of Bath and Axes Design Ltd.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hieta Technologies Ltd, WOKINGHAM £149,874 £ 104,912


Axes Design Limited, MALVERN £19,992 £ 13,994
University of Bath, Bath £79,928 £ 79,928


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