Innovative Wood Composite Poles

Lead Participant: Pollywood Ltd


This project is designed to provide scientific underpinning to the development of a unique structural pole,

which will have wide application when developed across the built environment. Pollywood Ltd have immediate

interest for the development of a replacement for the creosoted transmission pole from the Energy Innovation

Centre, who co-ordinate research for the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). There is legal/environmental

pressure from the EU to replace these poles and therefore a pressing need to find an effective alternative.

Existing competitors to the wood pole have other issues, which make them sub-optimal. Transmission poles

have to have long lives in a wide range of conditions including extremes of heat and cold. Solving this problem

will create social and economic benefits including jobs in an area, which has lost many steel industry jobs as

well an export opportunity for the UK.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Pollywood Ltd, YARM £106,757 £ 74,730


Bangor University, United Kingdom £43,217 £ 43,217


10 25 50