Fire-retardant nanocomposites for aircraft interior applications (PF-Clay)

Lead Participant: Netcomposites Limited


Currently, the most commonly used materials for aircraft interiors are glass or carbon fibre or reinforced

phenolic composites. These phenolic-based materials are used because of their good fire performance.

However, phenolics are less good in other respects, notably the surface finish quality of their moulded parts

and the fact that they contain some potentially harmful ingredients.

NetComposites has developed a substitute composite material that overcomes both the surface finish and

health and safety limitations of phenolics. However, whilst this new material matches or outperforms phenolics

in most respects, its fire performance is still somewhat marginal.

This project will explore how novel nanoclays might be used to improve the fire performance of

NetComposites’ new material, thereby allowing the aerospace industry to appropriate its wider benefits.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Netcomposites Limited, Chesterfield £106,974 £ 74,882


Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom £40,057 £ 40,057


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