Piezoelectric ceramic-glass composites for high temperature ultrasound applications


Piezoelectric materials are used to produce and sense ultrasound in instrumentation used to monitor structural

integrity, monitor flows and measure distance variations in a rnage of industrial environments. Ionix Advanced

Technologies specializes in piezoelectric materials and ultrasound devices for the high temperature applications

in this field. The project will develop a new form of piezoelectric material, a composite comprising a

piezoelectric ceramic and a porous glass which will exhibit advantageous properties for ultrasound use at high

temperatures. The resulting instruments will have high sensitivity, improved spatial resolution and much

improved signal to noise ratio, enabling new applications for these systems in safety critical applications in

power generation, the oil & gas industry, plus the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd, LEEDS £114,511 £ 80,158


University of Leeds, United Kingdom £19,751 £ 19,751


10 25 50