GRASS improvement using Satellite TECHnologies: GRASSS-TECH

Lead Participant: Adas UK Limited


The project will investigate the feasibility of measuring grass yield and quality remotely by using satellite

sensing technologies. If successful then the technology will enable farmers to improve yield and quality by

optimising the timing of silage harvest, producing grass growth curves for bench marking and creating

yield/quality maps which will enable precision management of crop inputs (e.g. fertilisers). The project is highly

innovative because it will develop techniques for sensing grass crops through cloud and additional uniqueness

will be achieved by sensing for grass quality as well as yield. This 12 month project is a collaborative project

between industry partners; ADAS UK Ltd (Agricultural research and consultancy), Precision Decisions (precision

farming company) and farm levy board AHDB.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Adas UK Limited, WOLVERHAMPTON £9,078 £ 4,536


Precision Decisions Limited, YORK £45,511 £ 31,500
Rsk Adas Limited, Helsby £83,181 £ 41,566


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