Wave energy converter for small communities

Lead Participant: Clean Energy Limited


This project involves development of a novel Wave Energy Converter (WEC) with a floating point absorber and

further made from waste materials. Pressurised seawater is pumped to the shore for a variety of end uses

including desalination and electricity generation. The concept behind the WEC is that it can be manufactured,

deployed maintained and used by small coastal communities, primarily in Less Developed Countries.

The work proposed in this project builds on existing modelling and engineering work already carried out by the

academic partner on behalf of the lead partner, and will extend both these aspects to prove feasibility of the

device. The multinational engineering partner will draw upon their expertise to define the most effective ways

to use the supplied flow of pressurised seawater.

The project is a collaboration between Clean Energy Ltd, the University of Plymouth, and Mott MacDonald.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



Clean Energy Limited, Bath
Plymouth University, Plymouth £97,768
Mott Macdonald Limited, CROYDON £21,976 £ 10,988




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