MARLIN Modular Floating Platform for OffShore Wind: Concept Assessment

Lead Participant: Frontier Technical Ltd


Floating offshore wind in deep waters is a massive renewable energy resource ready to be tapped into to

achieve carbon reduction targets. Prohibitive costs and advanced infrastructure requirement have limited

growth of this sector even in developed countries. In developing countries the resource has remained entirely

unexploited. Project MARLIN aims to test feasibility of a new cost-effective universal concept of modular

construction of floating platforms for offshore wind. Using the concept of compact easily transportable

modules as building blocks, the MARLIN team will design, construct and test models and prototypes of

structures that will be capable of supporting wind turbines in all weathers in most of the coastal regions of the

world. The modular floating platform technology will be developed for commercial exploitation and will form

the basis of a new UK-based business. Beyond contributing to carbon targets the outcomes of the project could

have transformative economic effects on coastal communities across the world.


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