Direct-bonding of piezoelectric transducers for high temperature structural health monitoring


In this project, Ionix Advanced Technologies and Doosan Babcock will test the feasibility of manufacturing a new type of sensor for monitoring the integrity of high temperature plant used in power stations and the oil & gas industry. The new sensor design requires a piezoelectric ceramic material to be bonded directly to the steel of the vessel or pipe to be monitored. As current methods for bonding the ceramic to steel are unsatisfactory, the project will investigate 3 new manufacturing methods. The new sensors enabled by theis process will allow continuous monitoring and detection of corrosion and cracks in operational plant without the need to shutdown the plant on which they are deployed. This will simultaneously improve safety and reliability whilst reducing costs to the operator and consumers.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd, LEEDS £89,539 £ 62,678


Doosan Babcock Limited, Crawley £10,444 £ 5,222


10 25 50