Scalable electrophoretic manufacture of high density 2-dimensional materials for energy storage applications

Lead Participant: Dzp Technologies Limited


This is a collaborative project between two industrial partners, DZP Technologies Ltd and LVH Coatings Ltd, and one academic partner, the University of Warwick. The project will investigate the feasibility of using electrophoretic deposition to manufacture electrochemical energy storage of improved performance and new form factors. Additionally, our technology will make use of new, graphene-related materials which have the potential to produce a transformational step change in the performance of electro-chemical power devices. In this way, the project is involved with innovation in both manufacturing technology, and materials development. The new and improved power devices enabled by our technology can be used across different power sectors, including the national grid, distributed power networks and low-carbon vehicles, in addition to the constantly evolving consumer electronics sector. Further to energy storage applications, EPD manufacturing itself can produce novel 2D material coatings with anti-corrosion and self-lubricating properties for the automotive, aerospace, and advanced surface engineering sectors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dzp Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom £56,073 £ 39,251


University of Warwick, United Kingdom £29,811 £ 29,811
L.V.H. Coatings Limited, BIRMINGHAM £14,007 £ 9,805


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