Compact lightweight high performance magnetic shielding enabling portable & miniaturised quantum technology systems - "QT-Shield"

Lead Participant: Magnetic Shields Limited


Magnetic shielding is an essential component of all second generation quantum technology systems necessary to eliminate magnetic interference and enable quantum behaviour to be observed. A particular challenge for quantum systems is shielding of low frequency and DC magnetic fields. Existing magnetic shielding is bulky and heavy creating barriers to the realisation of portable and miniaturised quantum devices. Shielding is uniquely designed for each application, often with low production volume. Production is currently undertaken by hand in machining workshops; thereby limiting production sale-up and creating a vulnerability to low wage economies abroad. The QT-Shield solution seeks to apply advanced shielding design principles for the realisation of high performance compact-lightweight magnetic shielding delivering a >50% reduction in weight and >40% reduction in volume compared to conventional approaches. Shielding will be manufactured using a combination of advanced manufacturing processes; enabling automated production of customised shields at high volume. QT-Shield will demonstrate the feasibility of this approach through application of the advanced shielding for protection of a quantum gravity sensor demonstrator system.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Magnetic Shields Limited £310,699 £ 217,489


University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £83,929


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