Harvesting sunshine with cryptocurrencies ..

Lead Participant: Trusted Renewables Ltd


SME Trusted Renewables Ltd (TRL) undertakes R&D on Internet of Things (IoT) applied to smart energy and renewables with specific interest in using cryptocurrencies and blockchains for payments. This 3 month project includes presenting our ideas at the World Renewable Energy Congress XVI in Perth, Australia in February 2017 and as per the competition scope, we will meet potential collaborators from Singapore, India and Australia to help access worldwide renewable energy markets and help TRL grow non-EU markets and exploit IPRs.

Global markets are growing fast. By 2020 there will be > 2bn solar panels worldwide and Gartner says £300 bn extra worldwide revenues will come from IoT products and services; 26bn smart devices will contain “$1 processors” and built-in M2M connectivity. TRL has patented the idea of putting a smart card chip into a solar panel as a metering module. This patent is granted or pending in >40 countries including UK, Australia, S Africa, India, USA, Japan and EU and we seek licencing and/or exploitation partners in all of the places.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Trusted Renewables Ltd, SAXMUNDHAM £29,975 £ 20,982


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