A novel approach to enhancing the nutritional content of Beef products for consumers.

Lead Participant: Dunbia (Northern Ireland)


Dunbia is an international food producer and a leading supplier of beef, pork and lamb products into the UK multiple retail sector and European markets. The company works closely with its customers to ensure the food it produces and supplies is of the highest quality for consumers. Continuous research and development, market insight and consumer intelligence drive our product innovation strategies. Dunbia is aware of its role in the production of great tasting, healthy and nutritious food, that meets and surpasses its customer expectations and the needs of consumers. This project seeks to develop a novel approach using advanced technology in the determination of the nutritional content of the food it processes. This is to support the development and launch of a range of red meat products which are of an improved nutritional content in regards to fat and salt. In addition to salt reduction and its substitution without detriment to taste and flavour, the project will seek to identify key nutrients within beef which are beneficial to nutrition and health and develop products which offer consumers informed choice in regards to the quality of the foods they wish to purchase and enjoy.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dunbia (Northern Ireland), Co Tyrone £708,233 £ 354,114


University of Ulster, United Kingdom £238,045 £ 238,045


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