Resilient Electronic Patch enabled by printed energy storage devices (RE-Patch)

Lead Participant: Zinergy UK Limited


Picture a band-aid. Visualise how thin, flexible and light it is. How it adapts its shape to your body and how reassuring and seamless it feels to have it on. Now imagine that band-aid is a personal well-being monitor with sensors measuring health and environmental parameters and the capacity to communicate wirelessly with the wearer and the carer when a potential risk situation is detected. Technology development in energy systems and sensing electronics is finally at a point where the development of the product described can be made a reality. Enter: RE-Patch. This project is focused on developing a low-cost smart wearable biomedical patch powered by an ultra-thin and flexible energy source. Two UK companies have partnered to achieve this by miniaturising an existing biomedical patch- developed and patented by one of the partnering companies- and integrating an energy system that includes a thin and flexible battery and a supercapacitor –developed and patented by the second partner.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Zinergy UK Limited, Cambridge £79,853 £ 55,897


Cambridge Innovation Technologies Consulting Limited, Cambridge £61,910 £ 43,337


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