Pipeline infrastructure is aging far beyond its engineered lifetime, with pipe corrosion presenting itself as a major issue to firms wishing to extend the lifetimes of their assets. So far, industry has failed to comprehensively manage pipeline integrity, and it is now experiencing the cost. The high level of maintenance required to preserve assets and run them at full capacities has created immense demand for inspection services. To minimise inspection costs, companies look at non-invasive methods of inspection. Breakthrough Gridsense technology will advance the effectiveness of non invasive inspection by providing a system that can monitor pipelines 24/7. This will keep industry informed and allow it to respond to corrosion threats early. Not only will this save industry money, but also help reduce the risk of leakage and spillage, which can have grave
consequences on both the environment and society.

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Precision Varionic International Limited, Swindon
The Welding Institute £24,815 £ 24,815




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