Connected Autonomous Sensing Service Delivery Vehicles (CASS -DV)


The Connected Autonomous Sensing Service Delivery Vehicles (CASS- DV) technical feasibility study project seeks to address a number of challenges facing local authorities and those companies who deliver services on their behalf, namely reducing margins and continued austerity. The feasibility study will develop an autonomous vehicle prototype which can complete a number of tasks ranging from grounds maintenance (e.g. grass cutting) to street cleaning (street sweeping) whilst collecting information about the surrounding assets as it drives around. This asset information will be used by local authorities to improve the way in which they maintain the assets they are responsible for. The findings of the project will be shared widely with vehicle companies and service providers to encourage the former to offer AVs as a commercial solution and the latter as a means to transform the way in which they deliver services. The consortium, comprised of Amey and RACE, believe CASS-DV is the future of service delivery.

Lead Participant

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Amey Group Information Services Limited, Oxford
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) £119,868 £ 119,868




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