Advancing UK Autonomous Vehicle Radar Sensing Technology

Lead Participant: Navtech Radar Limited


The investment by technology companies the world over into the research and development of autonomous vehicles has been extensive, and many automotive suppliers claim that fully autonomous urban vehicles will be on streets by 2021. As technology is developed and tested, additional problems surface and new solutions are required. This project will look to provide such a solution to one of the most recently discovered issues. Navtech Radar will work with Oxford Robotics Institute to develop an all weather sensor to provide adequate siutational awareness for significantly improving capabilities and safety of autonous driving pods, already deployed on trial in Milton Keynes.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Navtech Radar Limited, WANTAGE £136,145 £ 95,302


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £50,508 £ 50,508


10 25 50