OPTAMOT: Optimised Designs for Additively Manufactured Magneto Optical Traps

Lead Participant: Added Scientific Limited


Quantum devices will have a profound impact on society if they can be made smaller, cheaper and less power intensive; at present they are large pieces of laboratory equipment with few industrial applications due to their size and cost. This project will demonstrate the feasibility of using Additive Manufacturing (AM) to produce components for quantum devices that are commercially viable. Specifically, the project will focus on optimising the design of Magneto Optical Trap (MOT) assemblies, a key component of quantum devices that use ultracold atom clouds; the objective will be to achieve an order-of-magnitude reduction in the size, weight and power compared to current laboratory MOT structures.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Added Scientific Limited, Nottingham £171,265 £ 119,886


University of Sussex (The), Brighton £95,756
University of Nottingham £127,455


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