Assessment study of H2GO Power's market entry opportunities in the US

Lead Participant: H2go Power Ltd


The objective of this project is to develop a growth strategy plan including a techno-economic study for H2GO

Power’s entry into the US energy storage market. The later will inform decisions on strategic collaborative

projects in the US with local partners stemming from the Clean + Cool mission to Silicon Valley 2017. It is

anticipated that this project will facilitate building the business case for our high performance hydrogen storage

technology for aerial robotics and low-cost large scale energy storage fields, in the US market. This will include

a detailed costing and technical evaluation for upscaling the system from kW to MW scale and enable realistic

positioning of the technology into large-scale energy applications in their respective market segments.

Additionally, a horizon scanning activity will monitor the key performance metrics achieved in this project and

how this maps onto niche application areas. Therefore, well-evaluated operations can start within 18 months

after the project.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

H2go Power Ltd, London £24,756 £ 24,756


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