US market expansion through local division and service partnerships

Lead Participant: Seab Energy Ltd.


SEaB Energy is the inventor and developer of small-scale waste-to-energy appliances. The award-winning and patented FLEXIBUSTERâ„¢ and MUCKBUSTERâ„¢ allow sites to process their own waste on-site and convert it into carbon-free electricity and heat, helping them to adhere to renewable objectives while reducing the need for diesel-consuming waste transportation and grid reliability. The systems are factory-assembled and housed in standard shipping containers, enabling quick and low-cost delivery and easy installation. SEaB Energy CEO Sandra Sassow took part in the 2017 Clean and Cool mission to San Francisco. Since then, the company has experienced steep accelaration in interest from the US. Under the proposed feasibility study, SEaB Energy aims to further explore the opportunities that arose during the mission, and further increase their activity on US soil by setting up a local division with partnerships for US-based manufacturing and maintenance support.

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Seab Energy Ltd., SOUTHAMPTON £24,782 £ 24,782


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