Zero-power multi-parameter sensing of complex events

Lead Participant: SENSOR DRIVEN LTD


"Sensor Driven's zero-power technology detects measurement events whilst the sensor electronics is fully powered down. It does this by using negligible amounts of power from the sensor's output signal, radically reducing the size of battery required and extending operating lives to decades and beyond.

This project aims to develop and test multi-input sensor systems with zero-power logic processing. The sensor fusion technology enables derived measurements to be made from combining more than one parameter. It can also be used to reduce false alarms for single parameter measurements. This technology represents a step change in situations where complex events require the powering up of the system to make decisions, to bring in other precision sensors, or to avoid false alerts.

Companies in the sectors of environmental monitoring, asset management, and industrial monitoring have shown interest in multi-parameter zero-power monitoring and now require proof of concept in order to progress their interest.

Extreme weather conditions have a huge impact on the UK's infrastructure. Our advanced monitoring technology could provide the prompt and reliable alerts required to help to mitigate the impact of these conditions on the economy, productivity and safety of citizens.

Our multi-parameter technology will disrupt the sensing market, and is applicable to a vast number of situations around the world, where complex events need to be listened for over extended periods of time."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

SENSOR DRIVEN LTD £100,000 £ 70,000




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