SeISmic – Standardisation of School Components


"SEISMIC (Standardisation of School Components) is an ambitious project to use digital technology and a highly skilled team to productionise the delivery of school construction in the UK. A successful project will deliver ongoing savings to the UK taxpayer and act as a trailblazer to showcase the benefits of modular building across the construction sector.

SEISMIC is a collaboration of 3 leading modular construction delivery partners (Portakabin, McAvoy Group and Elliot Group) together with leading consultants and designers (Blacc Ltd, BrydenWood) and the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

In just 12 months, SEISMIC will create a harmonised digital modular build design library which can be used used to configure any new school. Thiw will bring a level of certainty to the school community, the supply base and the UK taxpayer which has never been realised before."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Bryden Wood Technology Limited, London £353,372 £ 212,023


Portakabin Limited, York £20,415 £ 10,208
Elliott Group Limited, Peterborough £160,552 £ 80,276
Zircon Software Limited, Trowbridge £174,131 £ 121,892
The Manufacturing Technology Centre Limited, COVENTRY £224,051 £ 224,051
Mcavoy Group Limited - The, CO.TYRONE £159,404 £ 79,702


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