ParkAV - the business and data chain for Automated Valet Parking

Lead Participant: Yellow Line Parking Ltd


"Automated valet parking (AVP) is a key feature needed in a level 4/5 automated vehicle. Users of premium vehicles don't want to care about parking and ""taking the vehicle away"" is vital for Mobility as a Service vehicles. The question is ""_where does the vehicle go?_"". Circulating streets is inappropriate, so parking is needed somewhere.

Parking could be at bays on street, subject to legislation, payment terms and vehicle restrictions, but a vehicle may need to stay close to the pickup to reduce waiting. It could be parked off street some distance away, in bulk storage. And a traditional car park could transform into a drop off hub, releasing value in parking property for retail and residential.

Delivering this requires filling gaps:

1. Knowledge of available spaces of the right size, routes to access and a payment mechanism; and
2. Ways to ensure AVP avoids the disastrous customer experience of receiving a parking ticket even though the customer thinks they have paid. This could mean pre-booking spaces not usually used for parking.

Addressing this requires scalability and evidence to prove payment. It also needs a business model that links automotive to parking with suitable investment return, changes to infrastructure to support drop off and a data model understanding customer and road authority expectations. And it needs to be secure and compliant with new privacy laws.

Our vision is a customer experience better than ""manual"" valet parking, and to support ""Mobility As A Service"" .

The business question is: _How do we make large scale automated valet parking work for demanding customers in the real city, and develop a sustainable business that can be rolled out globally?_

Our feasibility study therefore focuses on innovation in:

* Exploring AVP deployment in very different cities (Coventry &Westminster) with real world problems, based on car park operator (NCP) market knowledge
* Capturing data for parking, blurring the line between on and off street, looking at how to get data into the vehicle to make parking decisions (Appy)
* Building a business model of revenues, data ownership and liability
* Demonstrating AVP in a complete data chain model and customer storyboard
* Validating this against an OEM's global customer and business requirements (Jaguar Land Rover)

From a 12-month study , the outcome would be an innovative business model for how AVP might run and changes needed, proposed standards for AVP data exchange and a global view of UK industry opportunities."

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Yellow Line Parking Ltd, london


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