RIPE (Rapid Installation Process for ETFE) demonstrating the benefits of utilising advanced EFTE glazing materials in commercial greenhouses


Innovative glazing films such as ETFE can offer significant benefits to greenhouse crops. Experimental studies confirm that ETFE is the optimal material for protected crop horticulture, maximising light and UV transmission and minimising energy use, whilst providing very long lifespans and resistance to climatic damage. **Evolve Growing Solutions** have already confirmed the benefits of the innovation proof of concept for a patented roof installation system ('**RIPE -- Rapid Installation Process for ETFE**'). RIPE will provide builders with an effective method to handle and install ETFE film on greenhouse roofs at lower cost level than the traditional glass model. Ultimately, RIPE aims to promote the UK as a worldwide leader in horticultural technology and sustainability in agricultural productivity. Evolve will use this radically different GH environment as the basis to coalesce multiple new UK horticultural technical developments to an international audience, as well as other agricultural and modular commercial building applications.

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Evolve Growing Solutions Ltd, Ringwood £99,972 £ 69,981


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