HyStERIAA- Hydrogen Storage to Energise Robotics In Air Applications

Lead Participant: H2go Power Ltd


Significant emissions reduction coupled with reliable energy supply can only be achieved though increasing the adoption of renewable energy production. Increased penetration of renewable energy will highlight the problem of renewable intermittency. In order to tackle this problem, a reliable energy storage solution is required to enable the sustainable supply of energy at scale and grid reinforcement, drive down the cost of renewable energy deployment systems and indeed reduce emissions significantly. The HyStERIAA project aims to develop a technical and commercial feasibility study into large-scale hydrogen storage system that is safer, lighter and half the volume of commercially available pressure tanks. This will be achieved through the application of a patent pending solid-state hydrogen storage material and innovative additive manufacturing approach to enable early low volume production. This has broad applications in areas from aerial robotics to renewable energy integration. The project therefore targets all three pillars of the energy trillema, and through addressing specifically the cost reduction and enhancing performance of energy storage, energy security and carbon reduction are addressed.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

H2go Power Ltd, London £253,530 £ 177,471


Imperal London College, London £109,356 £ 109,356


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