Feasibility study of Wireless charging equipment in existing electric vehicle service fleets to monitor productivity for commercial manufacture.

Lead Participant: Elmtronics Ltd


"Elmtronics are undertaking atrial of Wireless EV charging products with existing UK electric vehicle fleets.

With the assistance of Teeside University, Elmtronics are testing the technology to gain real world understanding of how this product can work in the UK market.

The advantages of Wireless EV charging are thought to be-

* More efficient than conventional wired charging
* Shorter and more frequent charges
* Safer with no trailing cables
* An enriched user experience

The aim of this trial is to confirm the anticipated advantages of the use of wireless EV charging for both commercial and domestic use thus being able to confidently establish a market in the UK for the technology.

Using trial data from one public sector participant & one private sector participant that both currently run EV service fleets we aim to-

* Monitor the usage patterns of the participants using the equipment

Measure the efficiency of the technologyGain feedback on the user experience to establish potential improvements Develop a product suitable for the UK market"

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Elmtronics Ltd, SUNDERLAND £60,380 £ 42,266


University of Teesside, United Kingdom £16,477 £ 16,477


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