Cost-effective electric vehicle charging for public spaces by novel coreless wireless charger technology

Lead Participant: Lesla Limited


"Shortage of public charging places is slowing down EV adoption. All owners of electric vehicles have to charge their EVs and current wired charging methods greatly limits the potential users of electric vehicles only to those who are living in private homes and have opportunity to install home charging equipment. Many people living in multi-story apartment buildings are discouraged to use EVs for the lack of available charging places close to their homes.

Wireless charger providing automatic operation as soon as the car is parked, would greatly simplify EV use. There are a few wireless charging technologies attempting to address these issues, however majority of them are based on inductive power transfer principles developed more than a hundred years ago. Existing products have several shortcomings, two most obvious being _charger price and the necessity for extremely precise parking (coil alignment)_ .

Current wireless charging systems run into thousands of pounds, thus making wireless charging a nice feature for the few luxury car owners, but seriously impeding the use of these systems for ordinary people. The innovation is the new coreless WPT technology developed by Lesla is up to 10 times cheaper compared to current wireless charging products. This has been achieved by using novel coil frequency and phase synchronization approach, which does not require use of very expensive high frequency rectifiers for each coil. Hence, this technology also ensures that the installation of the coils is much simpler, not involving replacing whole or part of road surface. The wireless charging coils can be inlaid in small 1"" trenches, which are covered straight away, thus minimizing traffic disruptions.

By using Lesla technology whole parking areas can be electrified for the price of a single charger, which brings following benefits: the reduced charger costs per vehicle, thus making the technology more economically feasible; increased ease of operation: the vehicles do not have to be parked with extreme accuracy, also increased use of the space: the parking spots do not have to be reserved for electric cars only, as all spots in a car park can serve as charging spots.

The project is aimed to evaluate the benefits of widespread wireless charging infrastructure and to develop business model for public wireless charging operators based on example of a city selected in this project."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Lesla Limited, Weybridge £65,215 £ 45,650


Solisco Ltd, Telford £22,680 £ 15,875


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