Lead Participant: Thales UK Limited


The ASTRAEA II (Autonomous Systems Technology Related Airborne Evaluation & Assessment) programme will establish the route to operate Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) in civil airspace. The outcome of ASTRAEA will be both disruptive and revolutionary through changing the assumption that has existed without question for the last century concerning the role of the human in aviation, by operating UAS that are autonomous, with responsible human oversight from the ground.
This challenge can only be satisfied by innovation in the key UAS technology areas of sense and avoid, autonomy, communications, operations and human/system interaction. A key aspect of ASTRAEA is the innovative application and maturation of these technologies to ensure that UAS can be integrated into the existing manned aviation environment in a safe and transparent fashion. A process of 'Virtual Certification' with the CAA will be employed within ASTRAEA II to ensure that appropriate
requirements can be set and that certifiable systems can be developed. ASTRAEA II will deliver compliant and demonstrable technical solutions within the three year programme timeframe.
With TSB support, the aim is to enable civil use ofUAS from 2012, and maintain a 3+ year lead on the rest of the world with a corresponding impact on initial market penetration and with the long term objective of stabilising UK share of a mature UAS market at a level in excess of current manned aerospace.

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Thales UK Limited £1,444,444 £ 455,000


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