EDGETECT2 - Improved edge protection technology


The EDGETECT2 project will take findings from a previously funded feasibility study and develop new technical solutions to the pervasive problem of edge corrosion of fabricated steel products.

Applying coatings over sharp edges typically results in the film pulling away during drying/curing due to surface tension effects. This leads to inadequate corrosion protection and rusting of the underlying substrate. Problems can be compounded if the coated surface still contains oxides from the hot rolled feedstock material, with corrosion rapidly penetrating under coating layers.

Despite this effect being a well-known problem in the coatings industry, most commonly used laser cutting processes are optimised for cutting speed and result in highly sharp edges. No in-line technique exists to produce an edge geometry suitable for final coating and often manual edge-dressing processes are simply too costly in a production environment.

Additionally, most steel fabrications are still shot blasted prior to coating to remove oxide scales. This process is line-of-sight and cannot adequately clean complex or thin-walled fabrications. This project will develop novel approaches to both edge and surface preparation with the ability to provide a step change in the prevention of edge corrosion.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited, Sheffield £255,234 £ 127,617


Ulo Optics Limited, STEVENAGE £228,856 £ 160,199
The Welding Institute £398,278 £ 398,278
Valspar Powder Coatings Limited, Liverpool £60,202 £ 30,101
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Limited, BIRKENHEAD £270,841 £ 189,589
Laser ExpertiSE Limited £117,587 £ 82,311


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