High Torque Density Electric Drive For Commercial Vehivles (HiTED)

Lead Participant: Magnomatics Limited


Magnomatics’ PDD® is a new type of direct drive electric motor, optimised for high-torque, low-speed applications, replacing conventional high-speed motor/gearbox systems. It features a non-contacting, lubricant-free magnetic gear which offers significant efficiency and reliability benefits. Due to its ultra-high torque density and high efficiency, the PDD® is particularly suited for in-hub drives for hybrid/EV trucks, busses and construction vehicles, where small size, low energy losses, very high torque capability and robust operation are required.
Magnomatics (Lead Partner) have been collaborating with Volvo Powertrain, Kollmorgen and Magnet Applications to realise a PDD® wheel hub drive suitable for a city-bus, municipal commercial vehicle or long-haul truck. A comprehensive design, build and test programme has been undertaken, encompassing full electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical analysis. The resulting 65kW (130kW peak) motor is capable of delivering 4kNm and fits within a standard 22” wheel rim. The performance of the prototype motor has been validated on a dynamometer system at Volvo Technology, showing efficiencies at rated torque and speed in excess of 97%.
Magnomatics intend to demonstrate PDD® technology on a hybrid commercial vehicle mule to test the technology as part of a hybrid vehicle powertrain system.




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