Lead Participant: In Touch Limited


The OurTravel project aims to support informed personal travel through the provision of real-time, multi-modal, context-sensitive travel information. OurTravel will explore the use of social networking and the notion of travel communities within the context of personal travel enabling users to become the primary source of travel information. Moreover, alternative information sources such as travel information feeds and highways maintenance activities will also provide additional streams of context-sensitive travel information that can feed directly into affected communities and augment existing information provided by personal travellers. Therefore, OurTravel acts as an enabler not only for supporting collaboration between personal travellers but also workers in the field undertaking infrastructure management tasks. One key aspect to this collaboration is integration with an intelligent works order system that could enable travel information to be automatically generated and helping to make such information available to travellers within communities that it directly affects - enabling users to make more informed decisions about how and when to travel.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

In Touch Limited, Morecombe £1,244,710 £ 484,032


Carillion LGS Limited, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom £120,492 £ 46,859
Lancaster University £316,530 £ 316,530


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