EEMS Accelerate

Lead Participant: Ricardo-Aea Limited


The EEMS Accelerate Project aims to help realise the potential of electric performance vehicles. With support from the Technology Strategy Board, the project brings together cutting edge, British designed and engineered, electric vehicles and puts them at the hands of driving enthusiasts for 12 months. These driving enthusiasts will use the vehicles during normal driving conditions; for both commuting and leisure purposes, enabling testing, demonstrating and further performance enhancement. Specialist GPS tracking devices fitted to the vehicles transmit driving and charge data to help understand how drivers’ behaviour changes as they become used to the EV controls and battery management system. This captures data which includes trip frequency, range, distance travelled between charges and charging frequency.
Furthermore, this project is about changing perceptions and attitudes towards electric vehicles, providing not only a platform to prove their performance, but to showcase sustainable technologies, high end British engineering, and motivate others to get involved.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ricardo-Aea Limited, SHOREHAM-BY-SEA £622,406 £ 311,203


Gmvr Limited, SUTTON £15,450 £ 7,708
Westfield Sports Cars Limited, Kingswinford £897,538 £ 448,769
Ecotricity Group Ltd, STROUD £1,041,586 £ 520,793
The Lightning Car Company Limited, LONDON £732,261 £ 366,131
Delta Motorsport Limited, OXFORDSHIRE £978,435 £ 489,218


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