Ultra Cost Efficient Hybrid Powertrain

Lead Participant: Integral Powertrain Limited


The project will demonstrate key elements of an innovative new scalable modular hybrid system. The concept is based on an innovative variable ratio pulley (VR-Pulley) as part of a belt integrated starter-generator system (B-ISG) and a new approach to e-machine integration into an automated manual transmission which both enable increased electrical and economic efficiency by significantly reducing motor torque and speed range.
Critical ancillaries can be driven from the front end accessory drive so that the same motor is used to drive, for example, the air conditioning compressor as well as being used to start and stop the engine. The pulley also provides 1:1 and 3:1 drive ratios. This gives: - Better package efficiency, machine utilizadon, motor and power electronics efficiency. - Reduced machine size, cost and parts count. The project will provide design, test and cost data to support commercialisation of the technologies by licensing. Jaguar Land Rover is a potential adopter of the technology and is a member of the consortium. A simulation and rig based demonstration of key elements of the system will be carried out. The consortium will investigate implementing the BISG variable pulley element of the design on an existing vehicle in the latter stages of the project.
The consortium comprises key UK based providers of innovative teclmology for motors, power electronics, controls software, transmission engineering and vehicle manufacturing creating a team capable of delivering the project.
Gateway Question: Scope

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Integral Powertrain Limited, MILTON KEYNES £1,156,013 £ 560,239


Drive System Design Limited, LEAMINGTON SPA £155,116 £ 93,070
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £79,314 £ 35,696
Smart Power Solutions Llp, LEEDS £70,797 £ 41,792


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