SATURN Self-organising Adaptive Technology underlying Resilient Networks


BT are currently engaged in a £3M research programme termed Saturn, (Self-organising Adaptive Technology underlying Resilient Networks), led by BT, in collaboration with the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB). The partners include Northrop Grumman Plc, Imperial College and Oxford University. The project was originally designed to look at advanced techniques for early detection & visualisation of cyber threats to the UK Critical national Infrastructure (CNI). However, in the past year the scope of the applications targeted for the platform have significantly increased.
Saturn has delivered significant breakthroughs in the areas of data gathering, integration, data fusion, and visualisation. It is based on novel Artificial Intelligence guided search and adaptive visualisation techniques, and technologies. Saturn’s abilities include multiple data inputs and data type processing, plus the ability to use advanced semantic data matching techniques. It is being developed to help analyse and visualise cyber attacks in our client’s networks and ICT systems.
It has also recently been applied to visualise and identify clusters of activity around cable thefts from BT sites, and to accelerate the response to this problem.
Contact Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock for further details.


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