interoperable Carbon Assessment Toolkit (iCAT)

Lead Participant: Aec3 UK Limited


iCIM is an everyday design tool that facilitates carbon assessment by supporting designers and informing their decisions throughout the building lifecycle. It leads towards zero carbon and low impact building by enabling :
a) The analysis of carbon embodiment and building modelling data from mainstream design and specification tools. For example, it has been shown to be fully interoperable with Autodesk’s Revit tool – taking in information from the model and returning it seamlessly.
b) The development of a building lifecycle carbon signature at any stage with particular emphasis on the early, feasibility and pre-design stages. The tools are available to designers, contractors and owners through fully interactive 3D, tables and charts in a web interface.
c) Carbon costing of any construction form, removing the constraints of current methods which only support pre-defined construction assemblies.
d) Carbon and capital cost comparison.
The tool demonstrates the impact of key decisions and allows them to explore alternatives and determine which decisions drive low impact design.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Aec3 UK Limited, High Wycombe £59,281 £ 26,650


University of Bath, Bath £20,868 £ 20,868
Bsria Limited, BERKSHIRE £60,972 £ 27,391
Riba Enterprises Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne £98,929 £ 44,500
Faithful+gould Limited, EPSOM £37,494 £ 16,847
Autodesk Limited, FARNBOROUGH £17,677 £ 7,860
Northumbria University, United Kingdom £93,195 £ 93,195


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