Dualcore Lightweight Engine

Lead Participant: Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Lightweight powertrains are crucial if vehicle weight reduction targets are to be met in the longer term. New architectures, with the strength and stiffness to support downsizing, but without weight penalty, are essential. This project will deliver:-
• A challenging translation of an existing concept study into a robust, functional, Application Ready demonstration engine.
• An engine block mass reduction of circa 60% over an equivalent output conventional design.
• A vehicle level CO2 benefit of circa 2.3% through a combination of mass reduction, and accelerated warm-up due to reduced thermal inertia.
• An engine dynamometer based evaluation and functional sign-off.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £211,222 £ 105,611


Ge Precision Engineering Limited, BEDFORDSHIRE £365,037 £ 182,519
Integral Powertrain Limited, MILTON KEYNES £406,203 £ 203,102


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