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In recent years, the way hit records are made has fundamentally changed. A typical chart Number One these days may have a beat from one writer, a hook from another and a vocal from someone else to create just a few bars of a final song. A recent survey from Music Week stated that the average number of writers for hit records in the charts is 4.58 with Mark Ronson's global hit 'Uptown Funk' being credited to 13 different writers!

This sense of collaboration and diversity has meshed with music-making and consuming habits to create a 'producer culture' of digitally-enabled maestros marshalling an ever-evolving roster of singers, rappers and instrumentalists to work together on different compositions.

But, whilst making music is easier than ever, the route to the charts is arguably harder. The biggest problem facing musicians, vocalists and producers is connecting with other possible collaborators and publishers. There are plenty of digital destinations for the results of their labour, but very few places for music creators to source a regular stream of these all-important new collaborators.

Hookslam will enable this paradigm shift in humankind's favourite form of cultural expression. Our own unique British-made AI technologies and software will sonically identify musical matches and connect musicians with their ideal cohorts to find the most suitable, and effective, creative partnerships. From these matches, it will ultimately deliver a produced piece of music with publishable rights and share the co-owned royalties from sub-publishing deals.

The project brings together a World Class team in Ai , Music Analysis, music production, sound design, app design and development. We have, within our gift, the ability to take the project from concept to MVP.

Lead Participant

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Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom £74,710 £ 74,710


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