Petchey Academy(A), Stockport Academy(B), Pennywell/Academy 360 (C)

Lead Participant: Ahr Architects Limited


The project title
Petchey Academy (A), Stockport Academy (B) and Pennywell/360 Academy
The project description
This project will examine three mechanically ventilated academies designed to meet BB98&101; Petchey, Stockport and Pennywell 360 were completed over a three-year period different characteristics in terms of consolidated use and building management. Our study is set up to illustrate the issues of these types of buildings and help establish if the evidence of poor performance and identification of effective remedial actions prompt change. Lessons learned from this project will provide helpful ammunition for the other two buildings and academies designed under BB98&101. The full BPE of Pennywell (C) will cover a wider on and off-site study engaging stakeholders and highlighting opportunities for improvement and wider applications.
The project participants
Aedas Architects
The amount of grant offered to each participant.

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Ahr Architects Limited




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