HOSP: Hospital Operations for Sustainable Productivity

Lead Participant: Tcc-Casemix Limited


**The major issues addressed by HOSP.**

* HOSP is to be an exemplar of transformational change in NHS hospitals by driving substantial improvements in productivity, and revenue generation. There is much comment in the media about long waiting lists for surgery and winter demand exacerbating this. But behind the statistics lays another perspective: that of poor productivity in England's operating theatres.
* The productivity challenge was first raised by the Carter Report in 2016, the focus of which was raising the level of productivity in non-specialist acute hospitals. In the intervening years little seems to have changed.
* February 2019: The NHS Improvement report \[_Opportunities to Reduce Waiting Lists_\] concerning the management of surgical waiting lists identified that nearly 300,000 patients each year had their urgent operations cancelled, directly because of poor planning. This also leads to a loss of revenues for all 156 acute trust of £1.25b annually and about £7.5m for each acute trust (using NHS Reference Cost datasets).

**How will HOSP solve the problem?**

* HOSP offers a transformational new approach by addressing a fundamental need for a new dataset in surgery focused on productivity, work or effort. Uniquely it will use a coding strategy that will provide an internationally accepted coding structure aligned to the new dataset. This will create whole new insights for the forecasting and planning of surgical procedures so that productivity of operating theatres is optimised.
* The innovation will also enable NHS trusts to use the new data to analyse financial performance of their surgical divisions through profit and loss accounting. NHS Health Episode Statistics do not currently recognise the concept of work or effort.

**Will HOSP deliver value for money?**

For every £1 spent on HOSP technology licence fees, £6.36 of benefits realisation will be accrued by the trust.

**The HOSP team.**

* The project will be led by a new start-up: TCC-CASEMIX Limited under the direction of Dr Bacon, who has extensive experience across Europe of surgical performance improvement. Sub-contractors will provide specialist skills to support this work.
* A primary partner is the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group with 5 hospitals and 63 operating theatres. The group is to be a 'digital exemplar' for England's 156 NHS trusts. The group has recently announced a partnership with Hitachi to develop a trust wide clinical information system. TCC-CASEMIX is to be an exemplar of a new generation of med tech enabling flow of data across the connected enterprise.


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