High Performance Thermoplastic Structural Overmoulding for the Aerospace Industry

Lead Participant: Denroy Plastics Limited


This project brings together the diverse strengths and capabilities of an SME, Large Company and Academia to develop a practical means of designing and manufacturing aerostructural composite components via a novel overmoulding process. The multi-component systems developed will be thermoplastic-composite based providing optimised integrated structures with the economic benefits of short cycle production times. The ultimate aim is to provide aerospace manufacturers with creditable commercial alternatives to metallic or thermoset composite parts as part of an overall optimised multi-material strategy for the industry.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Denroy Plastics Limited £2,039,979 £ 895,347


Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom £397,434 £ 397,434
Short Brothers Plc, BELFAST £1,407,408 £ 629,674


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