Precision Agriculture Remote Connectivity System (Parcs)

Lead Participant: Precision Decisions Limited


Precision agriculture (PA) technologies are growing in momentum, and offer advantages in advanced machine control and analytics that bring large efficiency to farming operations. ISOBUS has served as a common protocol that allows for interoperability between tractors and implements, as well as offering task controller capabilities for prescription applications. The maturation and accessibility of connected systems and data analytics technology has grown substantially over the last decade, in parallel with the expansion by many machine manufacturers of the use of ISOBUS as a standard communication protocol for control and monitoring of agricultural equipment of all types. The growth of each of these provides a market conditions ready for wide adoption of connected PA systems for real-time monitoring, control, and analytics. Existing systems ISOBUS solutions are too specific to particular brands of equipment, and do not provide a link for connecting to analytics. Existing farm management systems focus on agronomic optimizations, but do not have access to data from in-depth machine operations. This results in a major challenge faced by farmers trying to adopt PA technologies, which is to manage the complexity of manually accessing data across machines from different manufacturers and different farming operations through multiple systems that do not integrate well together in a timely manner. This often results in farmers not using data (or system) as effectively as they could to improve operations through advanced analytics and machine control with PA..

This project proposes to use strengths of each of the collaborating organisations in development of an integrated PA platform that can provide seamless and real-time availability data from agricultural machine control applications, use this data for planning and analytics, and deploy intelligent task direction to a fleet of machines. The system provides both after-market and OEM integrated solutions to address the mixed-fleet needs of farmers

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Precision Decisions Limited, YORK £325,484 £ 227,839


JCA Industries Inc.
Farmscan Ag Limited, Cambridge £240,280 £ 168,196


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