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Note Taking Express is a software and service company which provides Note writing software and remote note taking services through NHub a web-based software program. We provide our solution to the UK's Disabled Student Allowance Scheme and over 300 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) worldwide.

Universities and Colleges have had to temporarily close and adapt to remote learning. Their students are using online solutions which are limited or inappropriate for the learning environment. Students with learning differences are particularly penalised, as much of that the content is not formatted in an accessible way.

Covid-19 has accelerated the need to educate differently with the resulting unprecedented challenges creating a significant period of economic uncertainty.

We are introducing **NRemote** as a remote lecture capture software for lecturers to engage with students remotely and provide continuing education which will enable engagement and participative learning. Lectures can be delivered from the classroom or the lecturer's home to students in remote locations.

**NRemote** can be combined with our existing note writing software and note taking service portal **NHub** to create a personalised learning solution, which is inclusive, and provides lifelong learning for students of all abilities. The video content from **NRemote** can be replayed in **NHub** where students can add content, write notes and access supporting tools to enhance their learning journey, including our personally tailored knowledge-bank to further enhance their learning experiences.

**NRemote** will positively transform the delivery of accessible learning for education and is straightforward and easy to use, with no concerns about security or privacy, (unlike other online platforms like Zoom, which have been removed from use by certain schools, as not being sufficiently secure for, nor designed for education.)

**NRemote** and **NHub** will be available to Universities and Colleges for all students by way of an annual subscription and/or students will have the option to subscribe to **NHub** for additional services offered. Disability support may also be available for students with learning differences to provide this subscription.

Extension for Impact funding will enable us to implement and trial an automated live captioning accessibility function for NRemote which our cusomer base has requested for their students. Existing accessibility features for the standard conference platforms do not provide sufficient quality for higher education so we see this as a must have option for our customers.

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