E! 8952 Eurostars DIAMOND

Lead Participant: OpTek Limited


DIsposAble MOnitor for Needle Dislodgement (Venous Needle Dislodgement Sensor)

Project DIAMOND is an 18 month collaborative development project involving UK based OpTek Systems and Sweden’s Redsense Medical, supported by Eurostars. The challenge is to develop a reliable sensor for VND with a sufficiently low cost-of-use to allow it to be employed in significant fraction of the 270m blood dialysis procedures carried out annually.

Venal Needle Dislodgement (VND) occurs where the needle returning blood from a dialysis machine to the patient becomes dislodged, leading to a potentially fatal loss of blood. More than 2 people per week die as a result in the US alone, and an order of magnitude more are seriously injured.

The DIAMOND partners want to develop a novel single-use and reliable VND sensor with a low enough cost to allow widespread use; with an automated EU-based supply chain; offering the potential to save over 1,000 lives per year.

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OpTek Limited, United Kingdom




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