Testing and Immunisation Certification Project


This project is intended to create a decentralised digital certification and verification mechanism for the current Covid-19 testing and a future immunisation programme, in order to increase UK pandemic preparedness and resilience to any future outbreaks.

Adoption of this model will enable UK residents to take control of elements of their own medical history and provide information to selected third parties in a secure manner, without disclosing more confidential medical information.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted a need for UK residents to have greater access to selected parts of their medical history. This will enable patients to grant interested third parties, selective permission to access their records, in order to validate their personal testing and immunisation information.

By establishing an effective certification and validation process, clinicians, pharmacists and future testing organisations, can validate and digitally certify, the results of antibody testing and any future immunisation programmes.

Selectively accessible certification of testing and immunisation information will enable the population to emerge more rapidly from the current crisis caused by this pandemic. Individuals will be able to return to work, travel, and resume their normal activities and be able to prove they have been either tested or immunised from the current outbreak. Certification also provides a suitable infrastructure for any subsequent pandemics.

By introducing a certification programme, individuals will be able to be released from the current lockdown in a more controlled manner. This will have positive effects not just for UK GDP, but in the wider social contexts of mental health, domestic violence and isolation.

The inclusion of immunisation certification is crucial. Not only is this relevant to the current situation, but provides the opportunity to include and delegate travel and other regular vaccinations, which can be clearly identified as current or expired. This is an enormous advantage for the travel sector and employers alike.

The solution generates a digitally signed certificate that confirms testing results and any immunisation data, by means of QR codes. These QR codes enable access to this information either by means of scanning the code contained in a mobile phone app, or could be printed for those who do not possess a smartphone.

This project provides a simple solution for the ongoing testing process, and any future immunisation programme, not just for the current pandemic. Implementing such a solution, not only aids recovery from this pandemic, but increases the UK preparedness for any subsequent outbreaks.

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