Job Search Automation

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There are four approaches a jobseeker can take to find a new position, they can; search and apply for roles listed with online job boards, reach out to their network of contacts to help uncover opportunities, register with recruitment agencies or research and contact employers directly. These approaches interoperably link together - for example, a contact might work at a company where a role has been found on a job board and could be a source of background information to help support an application.

It normally takes a mix of all four of these elements to secure a new role. Performing an effective job search also needs the data from each approach to be logically stored, organised and linked to keeping in control of the process. For example, a job is found on a job board, have I already applied for that job? How can I store a list of my shortlisted jobs? I got to the interview stage, which version of my CV did I use for that application? A contact advised me to check back in with them in three weeks when this year's budget had been agreed, when do I need to complete that task? And so on.

There isn't a software package or website that organises and links all these data elements in a single location. Instead, an organised job seeker may put together a spreadsheet to do their best to keep track of all the moving parts (data which often updates daily). But this can quickly become counterproductive with more time being spent copying and pasting URLs and job descriptions and manually updating lifecycles than is spent on the job search itself. mitigates all these gaps by providing the job seeker with a full suite of online tools to help them keep organised and save time. Using this tool all elements of the job search (jobs, contacts, companies, documents, tasks and notes) can be stored together and logically linked together as required. Where possible the tool links directly into data sources such as job boards meaning that data can typically be stored with a single click - no copying and pasting required. A dashboard and MI then bring all elements together as a single view helping to visualise activities and to provide analysis on what is and (more importantly) what is not working in an active approach to finding a new job.

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