Proof of c19 credentials for care homes and post lock-down

Lead Participant: Enduring Net (UK) Ltd


Our project's objectives are to facilitate economic regeneration post lockdown and to reduce the hardship and the spread of Covid19 (c19) with better managed social distancing procedures. This is achieved by providing, digitally, proofs of individuals' c19 credentials (e.g. previous c19 infection, results of c19 and antibody tests etc.) in absolute privacy preserving environment governed by the Self-Sovereign Identity Framework. Our first planned deployment is care home, but we are ready to meet the mass population in big venues (e.g. football matches, concerts, shopping centres, university buildings etc.) by collaborating with Sthaler, a lead VeinID expert in the secure biometric identity sector.

Our innovation is on decentralised and strong privacy preserving digital identity security by design. It meets the UK Industry Strategy Challenge Fund's list of challenges, and will have a widespread impact on every sector (public and private). The SSI technology is very new. It is still being shaped and developed under the stewardship of the Sovrin Foundation. Our team members have representations at several of their working groups ( and we are establishing collaborative relationship with Evernym, the lead contributor to Sovrin.

In our proposed system, anyone accepting a credential proof would know (in real-time) with certainty (i) who issued the credential, (ii) that the credential is being presented by the person who it was issued to, (iii) that the credential has not been tampered with, and (iv) that it has not been revoked. The focus would be also on privacy by design as a key feature of the SSI Framework. Other important features of our digitised identity security implementation include: transparency, control, purpose limitation, data minimisation and storage limitation.

As a leading edge technology provider we will provide a tangible system to enable effective procedures that will enable organisations to operate within the context of a lockdown. To do this, we collaborate with 3rd party compliance and regulatory bodies. We are conscious of compliance around GDPR, ICO and PII and have taken steps to engage with the relevant 3rd parties.

To meet the social goals, we are working closely with the other stakeholders to help us access key demographic areas and business models so that our solution can facilitate use cases around the world to deal with the current c19 pandemic. Our infrastructure is based on the open source Hyperledger Indy to build and deploy the SSI solution using physical security devices provided by security hardware companies.

The extension for impact funding will allow us to refine our user interface and improve security following our Google User Acceptance Testing programme and feedback. The main additions to the system will be for 'Proof of Vaccination' credentials and inter-operability between care homes.

Proof of Vaccination is a key component to help with sustainability of the application as the response and treatment techniques for Covid 19 evolve.

The refinements will also include a more streamlined user-experience and also security updates.It will also allow us to improve our outreach and exploitation plan by connectivity into Westminster and Whitehall to undertake a public affairs
programme that will make the case for universal digital passport technology (specifically VeinID and
SSI). By staying on top of public policy developments, we will identify opportunities for targeted
engagement, briefing and lobbying with politicians and policymakers (national and regional).

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Enduring Net (UK) Ltd £82,437 £ 74,678


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