Perlemax Ltd - A new and novel way of reducing water content in liquids at vastly reduced power consumption

Lead Participant: Perlemax Limited


Perlemax is a spin-out from the University of Sheffield. Perlemax's technology was born out
of the world renowned work on fluid dynamics. This Proof of Market study seeks to address
the commercial viability for pyrolysis oil (a biomass by-product) as a low-cost readily
available biofuel. Its potential impacts are enormous, delivering upon waste minimisation,
fossil fuel replacement and CO2 abatement to
name but a few. However current technology does not allow for its effective generation due to
the need to greatly reduce its water content in order to enhance its thermal properties. Project
applicant, Perlemax Ltd's patented micro bubble technology appears to facilitate water
removal without inducing re-polymerisation which would enable cost-effective low-energy
pyrolysis oil upgrading. This technology is also applicable to wider sectors, of which an
assessment of the fruit juice and desalination markets will form part of this study.
Market assessments will be performed using both internal resource and the specialist services
of NS Consulting. The resulting report will cover current technologies and the scope for
improvements, plus an explanation of the current markets, how it is likely to develop and
grow and where the applications are likely to arise. Initial discussions with key industry
players will also be integral to this project and the success of future development and
exploitation. New IP relating to the upgrading/dewatering of pyrolysis oil, fruit juice and
desalination markets will be a further output of this 4-month study.
Support of the Technology Strategy Board would enable this project to be undertaken in a
thorough, qualified and timely manner and enable Perlemax Ltd and the UK to take a leading
role in this growing global market.

Lead Participant

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Perlemax Limited, SHEFFIELD £27,832 £ 16,699


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