Low Cost High Resolution Automotive Sensor Technology (HICAST)

Lead Participant: Intrinsiq Materials Limited


The Automotive industry has experienced a substantial increase in the integration of
electronic control systems. Electronic sensor systems are now routinely employed to monitor linear motion, for example, to control accelerating, braking and fuel sensor levels. Although these systems are relatively low cost their performance is highly compromised and there is an urgent need to provide cost effective solutions that increase the sensing performance and miniaturise system dimensions. This project, HICAST, will seek to use alternative manufacturing processes based on advanced conductive nanoparticle pastes, novel printing technology and innovative laser curing technology. This will lead to a demonstrator showcasing a low cost, environmentally friendly manufacturing process (over conventional PCB technology), with improved performance and reduced size and manufacturing costs.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Intrinsiq Materials Limited, United Kingdom £165,184 £ 98,800


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