Next generation magnetic CVT (mCVT2)

Lead Participant: Magnomatics Limited


This project is focused on the development of a new type of Continuously Variable
Transmission (CVT) system that is widely applicable to the automotive and industrial sectors.
CVT systems are becoming increasingly prevalent and have particular benefits in hybrid
vehicle drive trains where they used ensure that the engine is operating at its maximum
efficiency at any point in the drive cycle and that the vehicle performance requirement is
simultaneously met. By exploiting this flexibility, significant system efficiencies and
fuel/CO2 benefits can be achieved.
Magnomatics has previously developed a first generation magnetic CVT (mCVT1) and this
system has been demonstrated to offer significant efficiency and packaging advantages over
existing technology and is currently the subject of two TSB funded collaborative research
programmes (under the LCV IDP and HVM programmes) with Ford Motor Company and
Volvo Powertrain.
By continuing the original research programme, acquiring accurate customer feedback and
fostering internal innovation, Magnomatics have developed a second generation mCVT
(mCVT2) concept that has the potential to reduce the use of rare earth magnet material by up
to 75%, give increased part load efficiency, allow deletion of several elements to provide cost
savings and deliver a system that can be realised in a much more compact space envelope than
the first generation. If the predicted technical and commercial merits of this second generation
are realised it will lead to a significant uplift in the adoption and value of Magnomatics
mCVT technologies.
This project will rapidly deliver a working proof of concept of mCVT2 that will be validated
and evaluated on Magnomatics existing drivetrain dynamometer system. Once validated the
concept will be aggressively developed for typical vehicle drivetrains as a competitive system,
potentially replacing, the first generation systems in the existing project group.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Magnomatics Limited, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM £205,621 £ 99,993


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